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Zombeavers (2014)

Former Miss Illinois (2014), Lexi Atkins played the role of Jenn in the 2014 horror comedy, Zombeavers. After getting scratched by an infected beaver, Jenn becomes a Zombeaver herself. This is a Zombeaver tail that she wore after her infection.

Zombeavers (2014)

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In classic cabin horror fashion, we are introduced to the smart girl, the innocent girl, and the slutty girl (played by Rachel Melvin, Lexi Atkins, and Cortney Palm). They are eventually joined by their boyfriends Sam, Tommy, and Buck (played by Hutch Dano, Jake Weary, and Peter Gilroy) who basically are the horny sports guy, the horny funny guy, and the horny douchebag that cheated on his girlfriend. Very quickly the group predictably splits up and ends up having to fight off the zombeavers as well as the infected.

Zombeavers follows three college students who take a trip to one of their family cabins out in the woods for a weekend getaway. At the same time, the local beaver population has been contaminated by a chemical, turning them into--you guessed it--zombeavers. When the ladies' beaus make a surprise visit to crash their weekend away, it's not all fun and fornicatin', as these zombeavers have other plans for these kids. The question is, will any of them get out alive?

This movie was a fun time. I think what I enjoyed the most was that they played it straight. Had it been full of pratfalls and people doing goofy things, with characters who are in on the joke, it wouldn't have worked; but instead there was serious danger to be had at the hands of these frightening beavers. It's like they took all the standard horror movie devices, and then replaced the masked, relentless, ax-wielding killer or whatever with zombeavers, and said "there you go." The other thing this film has going for it is the 77-minute runtime--which is always a plus for me. All that being said, the filmmakers did commit one unforgivable offense, which I'll discuss later, and while it's not enough for me to dismiss this film entirely, it is unfortunately enough for me to say that this is a lot of fun, but not as fun as it could have been. Still, it's overall a solid horror comedy.

Just because I'm saying this film was playing it straight, doesn't mean it wasn't double entendre city, especially considering our villains are beavers. But again, even if there were moments like that, the characters themselves were playing it straight, which I think is important. I've seen a lot of horror comedy that feels like it needs to tell us at every turn how smart it is; or is so afraid we're not going to get the joke that they can't not show us how in on it they are. This film trusted that we as the audience would get it. We have elements in the film, like sexual intrigue between the characters, that are elements we should be taking seriously, at the same time that these characters are fighting for their lives against zombeavers. If they weren't playing it straight, the characters would be exaggerated caricatures of themselves, waiting for their goofy deaths to happen, and for me that wouldn't have worked as well as it did with this approach.

Now, I'm saying all these good things, but there was an extreme area where I felt the film missed the mark: killing off the dog. I know, right? Major mistake. One of the male characters throws the dog into the water as bait to get the zombeavers to go in the other direction so he and his friends can escape, and the zombeavers devour the poor little guy. Even though that character gets his comeuppance later, killing a great guy like that fella above is unforgivable offense. If anything, he should be the lone survivor, and let all the humans die. And killing the human who killed the dog isn't enough to make up for it. When you consider that John Wick is based off a man going on a killing spree to avenge the death of his dog, and that film grossed tens of millions of dollars worldwide--while this only grossed 50 grand--you can see how a filmmaker can't just casually kill off a dog in a film and expect it to work. A filmmaker should understand the seriousness of it when they consider writing it into their film, and unless it's leading to the main character going on a 90-minute killing spree, it's probably best to not kill off the dog.

0:27:28 The zombeavers arrive, and not a minute too soon. One is waiting for Jenn before she gets in the shower. Am I the only one who gets completely undressed before getting in the shower?

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