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Having the ability to facilitate professional and impressive race broadcasts is another aspect of the overall rFactor 2 experience that remains important to us. We know that many of our community enjoy live-streaming their racing activities on various platforms and channels, and we strongly believe that no matter how big, or how small your team and events are, you should have the opportunity to produce broadcasts that are both visually appealing, and informative to the viewers watching at home.

As a simulation that very much prides itself on our capacity to provide outstanding endurance racing experiences, one of the key aspects of any multiplayer long distance race events is the ability to swap drivers mid-race. Last year we spent considerable time refining and improving the usability and robustness of our driver swap feature within the simulation, and as we head into the middle of summer we are again looking at bringing further developments and fixes to this important aspect of the game. We have noted recent feedback from the community around a few reoccurring issues with drive swap functionality, and we remain committed to investigating and resolving these issues in the very near future.

For us at the studio it was an really rewarding experience bringing this track back into the spotlight, and so far it very much looks like all of our hard work is paying off, as the track has been very warmly received by the community, and already has been the scene of some epic racing adventures in our Competition System. Lime Rock Park is back, and more beautiful that ever!

As these changes are designed to improve the user experience for the players, we have also resolved to look at the possibility of adding more functionality for server administrators too. We are acutely aware that many communities chose to use rFactor 2 for their league racing endeavours, and although we still have plenty of features we wish to bring into the software to ease server admins lives going forward, some of the more immediate improvements we hope to put together in the very near future include the ability to add spectators to the player list when in race monitor, with functions brought into the sim to give admins the rights to kick/ban spectators via the same process as kicking/banning an active player. Furthermore, we also intend to introduce the ability to run server admin commands using Steam IDs, which should help ease the current process of hosting online servers.

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