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Geo Maya Hair 2.6 For MAYA Win X64 [PATCHED]

Unreal Engine continues to expand support for Alembic, a standard for caching animation data that is widely used in the Media and Entertainment industries. The robustness of alembic cache support as well as improved hair and fur workflows are part of this release.

Geo Maya Hair 2.6 For MAYA Win x64

We have expanded support for hair and fur by making it possible to bind Grooms to GeometryCache data imported from Alembic. No longer do you have to go through the awkward workflow of binding a groom to a Skeletal Mesh. Both grooms that are targeted to drive the Unreal groom system or full hair caches simulated in other DCCs are supported.

In addition to the improved hair and fur workflows Alembic caches now have better support for sub-frame samples, non-consistent topology caches, and caches that start with empty frames. This allows better results when working with alembic simulation caches.

Dependencies: MtoA, Arnold, VRay 4.12, Renderman 22.5, 3Delight 12.0.113, Redshift 2.6.43, Clarisse 4.0 SP2b Updated to MtoA 3.3.0 and Arnold 5.4.0. Implemented Automatic Parting on Groom nodes, this uses an angle threshold to automatically modulate strand weights to make creating hair parts more easily. Part Randomness parameter will now modulate the painted part_randomness attribute on Grooms.

Here is one character in the Editor of Unreal Engine v4.22.3, the scene is the famous starter scene - 'Table, Glass And Chairs', note that Santa's eyes, mouth and face are driven by shape key animation, and his body is driven by armature deform animation.

With this release, we're excited to announce that the hair rendering system is ready for production! Over the last several releases, we've continued to improve hair rendering with visual improvements that are both performant and scalable across mid to high-end devices, and that supports a wider range of features across Unreal Engine.

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