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Oddworld Strangers Wrath HD PSN

seems reasonable for an oddworld game, i will still wait for the game to go on sale, just last month i bought all 4 Oddworld games for the ps3, this one i just might pick it up for the Wii U if there will be unique gamepad features, if it's going to be just off-tv play then i'm picking it up for ps3.

Oddworld Strangers Wrath HD PSN

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Thing is. Abes oddysee IS a AAA title,so to me its worth the punt,just because its digital dosnt mean its a simple indie game. Look at it like this,if they remade metal gear solid 1 for wiiu,using the engine and graphics of mgs 4. Would you expect to pay 10/$15 for it? Ofcouse not. Heck youd expect to pay full price! So oddworld new and tasty is,as the say,reasuringly expensive. Count me in. 041b061a72

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