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Parents, school staff, and other adults in the community can help kids prevent bullying by talking about it, building a safe school environment, and creating a community-wide bullying prevention strategy.


The meaning deteriorated 17c. through "fine fellow" and "blusterer" to "harasser of the weak" (1680s, from bully-ruffian, 1650s). Perhaps this was by influence of bull (n.1), but a connecting sense between "lover" and "ruffian" might be "protector of a prostitute," which was one sense of bully (though it is not specifically attested until 1706). "Sweetheart" words often go bad in this way; compare leman, also ladybird, which in Farmer and Henley ("Slang and Its Analogues") is "1. A whore; and (2) a term of endearment." Shakespeare has bully-rook "jolly comrade."

The adjective meaning "worthy, jolly, admirable" is attested from 1680s and preserves an earlier, positive sense of the word. It enjoyed popularity in late 19c. American English, and was used from 1864 in expressions, such as bully for you! "bravo!"

Other psychological sequelae may develop in the aftermath of repetitive bullying, including anxiety and depressive symptoms and disorders. With regard to anxiety, in a Finnish study of boys, Sourander and colleagues13 found that frequent bullying was a predicting factor for anxiety disorders in early adulthood. In support of these data, Gladstone and colleagues found, in men and women who were being seen in an outpatient depression clinic, that childhood bullying was associated with high levels of general state anxiety.14

In addition to anxiety, studies indicate a higher risk for depressive symptoms and disorders among the bullied, both during childhood2,15 andin adulthood.13 According to Brunstein Klomek and colleagues, frequent bullying may also heighten the risk for suicidal ideation and attempts.2

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Through Rockstar's "bad boy" marketing, the first announcement of the game, along with the title, hinted at gameplay where you would take on the role of a bully. This caused controversy, and it was only later revealed that the protagonist would take on the bullies himself. Attempts in the US (with lawyer Jack Thompson), UK and Belgium were made to ban the game or to prevents its release. The actual game content was hardly offensive and the rating organizations provided reasonable ratings.

Bully Busters Unite is the Lehigh Valley Phantoms anti-bullying campaign featuring the coolest mascot in school, meLVin. Bully Busters Unite introduces elementary-aged students (K-5th Grade) to four helpful tips for dealing with situations of bullying:

Additionally, the Delaware Department of Justice has a School Ombudsman who can assist with bullying issues. The hotline number is 1-800-220-5414. The bullying resources located on this site can assist students, parents, and school personnel to better understand processes and programs to effectively address the issue of bullying within the school environment.

Bullying is not the same as harassment. Harassment includes any unwelcome behaviour that offends, humiliates or intimidates a person. While harassment can be an element of bullying, harassment can be a one-off conflict or can happen between strangers. If these behaviours happen only once it is not bullying. Behaviour that involves conflict between equals, no matter how inappropriate, is also not considered bullying. The behaviours alone don't define bullying.

Some children who bully may enjoy getting their own way. Others may like conflict and aggression. Some may be thoughtless, rather than deliberately hurtful. Some may have difficulties with health, schoolwork and self-esteem. Some may be emotionally neglected, bullied, abused or be experiencing violence themselves.

We have a responsibility to respect and protect the rights of others. A bystander is someone who sees or knows about bullying that is happening to someone else. Find out more about your rights as a bystander on the Australian Human Rights Commission website.

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As hard as it may be to hear this news, it's important to deal with it right away. Whether the bullying is physical or verbal, if it's not stopped it can lead to more aggressive antisocial behavior and interfere with your child's success in school and ability to form and keep friendships.

Kids bully for many reasons. Some bully because they feel insecure. Picking on someone who seems emotionally or physically weaker also might provide a feeling of being more important, popular, or in control. In other cases, kids bully because they simply don't know that it's not OK to pick on kids who are different because of size, looks, race, or religion.

In some cases bullying is a part of a pattern of defiant or aggressive behavior. These kids are likely to need help learning to manage anger and hurt, frustration, or other strong emotions. They may not have the skills they need to cooperate with others. Therapy often can help them learn to deal with their feelings, curb their bullying, and improve their social skills.

Some kids who bully are copying behavior that they see at home. Kids who see aggressive and unkind interactions in the family often learn to treat others the same way. And kids who are taunted learn that bullying can translate into control over children they see as weak.

Try to understand the reasons behind your child's behavior. In some cases, kids bully because they have trouble managing strong emotions like anger, frustration, or insecurity. In other cases, kids haven't learned cooperative ways to work out conflicts and understand differences.

As frustrating as it can be to help kids stop bullying, remember that bad behavior won't stop on its own. Think about the success and happiness you want your kids to find in school, work, and relationships throughout life. Curbing bullying now is progress toward those goals.

Putin is a nuclear bully. He has much more at stake in Ukraine than NATO does and is willing to escalate the crisis to get his way. None of this is new. What this announcement signals, however, is two things: resistance to the Russian invasion is hurting, and Putin is getting desperate. While the first point should inspire hope for Ukraine and Europe, the second necessitates caution because options for a face-saving resolution to the crisis, without resorting to massive casualties, are dwindling for Putin. But there are still a few off-ramps left, and NATO can also play a role in reducing risks of further escalation.

Some people try to get ahead of the bullying they anticipate experiencing and will bully others in an attempt to protect themself by striking first. This is an unhealthy defense mechanism but is a common experience that is often at the root of someone's decision to bully.

Bully possibly started development around 2003 by Rockstar Vancouver when they were known as Barking Dog Studios. When they were purchased by Rockstar Games, development stepped up further. Many very low quality beta models of characters can be found within the game files from a very early version of the game. Early information released by Take-Two Interactive seemed to indicate that the player would be taking the role of a bully, and screenshots printed in Electronic Gaming Monthly showed the player-controlled antagonist administering a swirlie and throwing a punch at another student. The game uses an advanced Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas engine through Renderware. Rockstar Vancouver also decided to make every student in the school have a unique appearance and, within programming limitations, personality. While many features had been completely new, there are a considerable amount of content and features recycled from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas such as certain game mechanics, some in-game models including cars, sounds and a few other miscellaneous details. 041b061a72

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