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? Guitar Scales Chords Pro V75 APK

Guitar Scales Chords Pro v75 APK

If you are looking for a comprehensive and interactive app to learn guitar scales and chords, you might want to check out Guitar Scales Chords Pro v75 APK. This app is designed to help you master the fretboard, improve your improvisation skills, and expand your musical vocabulary. Here are some of the features and benefits of this app:

  • Learn guitar scales and modes. You can choose from over 40 scales and modes, such as major, minor, pentatonic, blues, harmonic minor, melodic minor, and more. You can also view the scale formulas, intervals, and notes on the fretboard. You can practice the scales in different keys, positions, and directions. You can also play along with backing tracks in different styles and tempos.

  • Learn guitar chords. You can access over 500 chords, including triads, seventh chords, extended chords, altered chords, and more. You can view the chord shapes, names, and notes on the fretboard. You can also practice the chords in different keys and inversions. You can also play along with chord progressions in different styles and tempos.

  • Test your knowledge with interactive games. You can test your scales and chords knowledge with fun and challenging games. You can play correctly to win stars and advance up the levels. You can also create your own custom levels by specifying which scales and chords to focus on.

  • Customize your settings. You can adjust the app settings to suit your preferences and needs. You can choose from different tunings, string sets, fretboard colors, notation systems, sound options, and more.

Guitar Scales Chords Pro v75 APK is a great app for guitarists of all levels who want to improve their skills and knowledge. You can download it from [this link] for free. You will need Android 4.4 or higher to run this app. You will also need to grant some permissions to access your device's storage and microphone.

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