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Bootit V1 07.epub

Bootit V1 07.epub: A Tool to Create Bootable USB Drives

Have you ever wanted to create a bootable USB drive that can run a different operating system or a utility program? If so, you might be interested in Bootit V1 07.epub, a software utility that can flip the removable bit in most Lexar flash drives and some others, making them bootable and safe for hotswapping. In this article, we will explain what Bootit V1 07.epub is, how to use it, and where to download it.

What is Bootit V1 07.epub?

Bootit V1 07.epub is a file that contains a software utility called BootIt, which can create a bootable USB device by transferring system files and flipping the removable bit in the flash drive. The removable bit is a flag that tells the operating system whether the device is removable or fixed. By flipping the removable bit, the device can be recognized as a fixed drive and boot from it. This also makes the device safe for hotswapping, which means you can plug and unplug it without using the safe removal option. This feature is useful for using the device with USB loaders in modded video game consoles, portable media players, and more.


How to use Bootit V1 07.epub?

To use Bootit V1 07.epub, you need to have a compatible flash drive, a Windows 2k or XP operating system, and a USB port. The compatible flash drives are mostly Lexar models, but some other brands may also work. You can check the compatibility list [here]. Here are the steps to use Bootit V1 07.epub:

  • Download Bootit V1 07.epub from [this link] and extract the zip file.

  • Insert your flash drive into the USB port and wait for Windows to recognize it.

  • Start BootIt application and select the appropriate drive letter in the Devices section.

  • (Optional) Fill in System Volume Label field with desired name for your device.

  • Click Update button and wait while system files are transferred.

  • When finished, you will receive a message box. Please unplug your flash drive and re-insert it into the USB port and click Done.

  • Close the application. Your flash drive is now bootable.

Note: Using BootIt application will erase all and any existing information on your flash drive. Please backup your files before using it. Also, you might need to remove the device in Device Manager (remove the device, not the driver) before clicking Update if you are using Windows Vista or newer.

Where to download Bootit V1 07.epub?

You can download Bootit V1 07.epub from [this link], which is hosted by, a Polish website for electronics enthusiasts. The file size is only 64 KB and it does not require installation. Alternatively, you can also download it from [this link], which is hosted by, a website for grip edge tools group discussion. The file size is slightly larger at 68 KB and it also does not require installation.


Bootit V1 07.epub is a handy tool that can help you create bootable USB drives with ease. It works with most Lexar flash drives and some others, and it can flip the removable bit to make them bootable and safe for hotswapping. It requires Windows 2k or XP operating system and a USB port. You can download it from or for free. However, be careful to backup your files before using it as it will erase all data on your flash drive.

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